Our Employees

Ammar Alwazeh profile picture

"I couldn’t be more proud, actually. I feel valued and respected as an employee. I enjoy what I do, learning a lot, getting all the support and training needed, and surrounded by amazing people. I see how WVPU supports students and the community; and how they treat their employees very well. It’s one of the times I’ve ever felt part of a team and that I “belonged” to." - Ammar Alwazeh, Senior Facility officer


Nora photo

"The best thing about my team is the familiar atmosphere, cooperation, and collegial support. Here at WVPU, one can always count on the colleagues. We are very flexible, open for improvements, and dedicated to our work." - Nora Gyoerfi, Finance officer


Verena Karlsson

"I enjoy working in an international team of staff and faculty at WVPU, as we all strive together to prepare our students for success. I am proud to contribute to the university’s mission of offering a global-oriented and personalized education to people from all over the world." - Verena Karlsson, Executive Assistant to the Director


Jozef Batora

"WVPU provides a truly global academic milieu with highly dedicated students and faculty from more than 70 countries on all continents. It is a pleasure to be able to develop my research ideas in such a stimulating environment." - Jozef Batora, Full Professor of International Relations


Ronald Hochreiter

"I love to be part of the WVPU faculty as it feels like a family - as opposed to large universities every problem and issue is taken on. It is a pleasure to work in such a both personal as well as a professional environment which allows for conducting world-class research as well as teaching a special crowd of curious students." - Ronald Hochreiter, Associate Professor of Finance