The Working Group on Equal Opportunity (WGEO)

The Working Group on Equal Opportunity (WGEO) was first established by the University Senate in 2016 in compliance with the Constitution of Webster Vienna Private University (WVPU). The WGEO is responsible for combating gender discrimination as well as discrimination based on ethnicity, religion or conviction, age, or sexual orientation by university governing bodies and for advising and supporting the university’s members and governing bodies in connection with these issues.

The University Senate selects the four members of the WGEO to serve for a term of two years on a voluntary basis. In that time, WGEO members are engaged in on-going efforts to expand equal opportunities by promoting diversity, inclusivity, and equity throughout WVPU. The WGEO does not retain the authority to enforce university policy, but does help advise on policy related to diversity; advocates on behalf of students, staff, and faculty; monitors adherence to the WVPU Affirmative Action Plan; and facilitates learning initiatives and open dialogue relevant to the core values and mission of WVPU. To this end, any member of the WVPU community is welcome to approach any member of the WGEO to discuss issues related to diversity, inclusivity, and equity within the context of WVPU.

General comments or inquiries concerning the WGEO can be sent to wgeo[a]

WGEO members may also be contacted directly.

WGEO Members (through July 2021):

  • Dorothy Kishbaugh (Staff) – Diversity Manager Dorothy.Kishbaugh[at]
  • Camila Poell (Staff) – Full Member Camila.Poell[at]
  • Lucy Parry (Academic Staff) – Full Member Lucy.Parry[at]
  • Julia Ruck (Faculty) – Full Member Julia.Ruck[at]

WGEO SharePoint - Open to all WVPU staff, faculty, and students.