Academic Support Services

Webster Vienna's dedicated team of academic support staff is eager to help you:

  • plan your degree
  • register for courses
  • improve your writing and language skills
  • improve your math and statistics skills
  • find the sources you need and hone your research abilities
  • overcome anything standing between you and success

Academic Advisors (Undergraduate and Graduate)
Every student is assigned to an academic advisor who provides personalized guidance throughout the entire program of study. The advisor assists students with course selection and all related academic issues.

The Library and Learning Center
The library has more than 10,000 books with an emphasis on the academic areas of interest at Webster. In addition, several business magazines and newspapers are available. We also have an extensive reference section. Students are able to utilize project rooms, computer stations and study at a private study carrel or lounge on one of the library's comfortable benches.

University Textbook Service
Textbooks and other printed materials required for Webster Vienna coursework are complementary with tuition. To collect these materials, students have only to come to the Textbook Service and sign their names.

The Language Center
Through one-on-one tutoring sessions, students improve writing, reading, and speaking skills.

The Quant Center
The Quant Center offers free tutoring in math and quantitative work to students at all levels and across all disciplines.