Faculty Advising

With a variety of courses and degree options to choose from, planning your academic future can be a challenge. To help you get the most out of your degree, you will be assigned a faculty advisor to provide academic guidance throughout your entire program of study. Being experts in their fields, they are an ideal resource to give advice based on the specifics and the content of your major. In order to ensure that your advisor will be able to dedicate sufficient time to your advising needs, please make sure to ALWAYS make an appointment using the starfish system and come prepared.

Please keep in mind that your faculty advisor will not be able to help you with the following non-academic concerns:

  • Financial matters: please contact Ms. Nora Gyoerfi through finance.students[at]
  • Transcripts for transfer credits (both graduate and undergraduate) from other institutions must be processed through the admissions department at admissions[at]
  • Certificates of Enrollment along with other official WVPU documents (should be requested at the front desk)
  • Questions regarding visas (initial application and renewals), health insurance, study abroad, and housing should be directed to the Student Resource Center
  • Career Services will help you with questions concerning your professional development
  • For issues of a personal nature that might require Counseling Services
  • If you should need special academic accommodations please contact Learning Support Services
  • If you would like to audit a class, please find our policy and registration form here 

Course Registration

Registration Weeks and Add/Drop & Withdrawal Deadlines



Information, forms and guidelines for your undergraduate or graduate thesis can be found here:

Studying Abroad

Students interested in studying abroad should first consult the Student Resource Center in room 3.03 to see whether they are eligible and familiarize themselves with the administrative process. The course planning itself will once again be done together with your faculty advisor.

Students Studying Abroad in Vienna:If you are a visiting study abroad student, please visit Dorothy Kishbaugh in Room 1.03 if any adjustments to your schedule need to be made. For any other questions or concerns, please visit the Student Resource Center in room 3.03.

Departmental Support

As a student at Webster Vienna Private University your major field of study will determine the department of your faculty advisor. As outlined above, this advisor will be your main source of academic advice for your major, but they will also guide you through the GCP and any potential minor or double major combinations.

For general questions regarding the program or your department, you will have the individual department coordinators there to help you. Each of these coordinators is familiar with the academic programs and will be able to provide you with orientation to the various services available at WVPU.

In particular, your department coordinator will be able to help you with

  • General questions about the program and the department
  • Keeping you updated on departmental events
  • Remaining informed about changes in the academic policies or program requirements
  • Picking up and submitting drop and withdrawal forms
  • Picking up and submitting add forms that have been signed by your faculty advisor
  • The administrative process of the thesis
  • Submitting your petition to graduate

We highly recommend to regularly check your department’s homepage

  • Business and Management - Department coordinators: Ms. Dorothy Kishbaugh at dorothy.kishbaugh[at] and Mr. Adam Louis Troldahl at adam.troldahl[at]
  • International Relations - Department coordinator: Ms. Katharina Neumann at katharina.neumann[at]
  • Media Communications - Department coordinator: Ms. Daniela Machian, daniela.machian[at]
  • Psychology - Department coordinator: Ms. Fernanda Stortecky at fernanda.stortecky[at]