Course Registration


This page gives you the tools you'll need to register. It also describes the registration process (see below).


1. Connections and Student Academic Services

To find your advisor and review degree requirements (Degree Audit) and to see courses completed (Academic Record).

Screenshot of Connections portal


2. Starfish

To find your faculty advisor and make an appointment with your faculty advisor. Watch this video to learn more about Starfish.

Don’t forget to set your profile to the correct time zone!

Screenshot of Starfish portal


3. Major Roadmap(s)

View Vienna-specific requirements for your major. Please be aware of prerequisites!

4. Registration Planning Sheet

You may complete the form electronically or with a pen on paper. In either case, please do not forget to print and sign. If you don't have access to a printer, pick up a printed copy from your department coordinator.

5. Courses@WVPU

View the course schedule and find out when and where courses meet. You can filter by department, term/semester, or even instructor. You may want to bookmark this since you will be using it often!

6. GCP Worksheet

Use the GCP Worksheet to track both knowledge and skills areas. You may want to print this document for your records and bring it with you to advising appointments.

The Process: How to Register

  1. Check your degree audit in connections and consult your major roadmap for the courses you need to complete in the major.
  2. Check your degree audit in connections and consult your GCP worksheet for the courses you need to complete in the GCP or your minor.
  3. Check Courses@WVPU for courses on offer in the upcoming term or semester and compare those to the courses you still need to complete. Notes on cross-listing, course prerequisites, and scheduling irregularities for each course can be found at the bottom of the screen.
    • If a course fulfills a GCP requirement, a note with the knowledge area and the skill area will be listed in [brackets] behind the course name (ex. Design Concepts [ARTS/OCOM])
  4. Choose courses and complete the Registration Planning Sheet
    • ​​​Course selections should adhere to all prerequisite requirements as indicated on the schedule and should be free of time conflicts.
    • If you choose a course scheduled as TBA, please also provide an alternate course.
  5. Using Starfish, make an appointment with your faculty advisor to discuss your course selection and registration;
    • Make sure to schedule any appointments at least 24 hours in advance.
    • Bring your completed Registration Planning Sheet to the meeting.
  6. After receiving your faculty advisor’s approval, please submit this form to your department coordinator(s).