Campus Map

Webster Vienna Private University

Palais Wenkheim, Praterstr. 23, 1020 Vienna, Austria

Our campus is easily reached by public transportation.
U-bahn u eins

From the city center:

Take the U1 subway line (marked in red) in the direction of Leopoldau. Get off at the station called Nestroyplatz. Exit the subway car to the left, take the escalator up and walk pass the bakery in the station. Take a right at the exit marked “Praterstraße.” Webster is located at Praterstraße 23. This is just a 2 minute walk from the station.

ÖJAB Europahuaus Dr. Bruno Buchwieser

Linzer Straße 429,
A-1140 Vienna, Austria

Several bus lines need only 4 minutes to go to Railway station "Wien-Hütteldorf" from the bus station "Wolfersberggasse" which is directly in front of the entrance of ÖJAB-Europahaus Dr. Bruno Buchwieser.

The "Hütteldorf" station can be reached within approximately 10 minutes (short-cut through Ferdinand Wolf park) by foot. The underground U4 line goes directly to the Viennese city centre (Karlsplatz, Schwedenplatz,...), daily from 5:00 am until shortly after midnight. On the weekends the U4 line runs the whole night. Night buses also stop near ÖJAB-Europahaus Dr. Bruno Buchwieser.

Another option is the tramway 49, station "Bujattigasse" (weekdays during the day all 3 to 5 minutes). However, the U4 metro is the quicker option to reach the city center.

Last but not least, many trains from the west of Austria make a stop at the railway station "Wien-Hütteldorf", even some international long distance trains.