Assis. Prof. Dr. Samuel R. Schubert

Assis. Prof. Dr. Samuel R. Schubert Associate Director of Webster Vienna Private University
 Assistant Professor of International Relations, Webster Vienna, Private University





Courses taught at WVPU

  • Graduate and Undergraduate Seminars on Terrorism and Political Violence
  • International Relations Theory
  • International Security/Energy Security
  • US Foreign Policy and US National Institutions
  • Middle East Area Studies
  • Comparative Foreign Policy


  • Dr.Phil (Political Science) University of Vienna (2010)
  • M.A. (International Relations) Webster University (2008)
  • B.A. (Political Science) George Washington University: (1988)

Background and Facts

Dr. Schubert's current research focuses on the nexus of energy policy and security at the European policy and geopolitical levels and the related foreign policies of great powers. Combining International Political Economy with key approaches of International Relations theory and Foreign Policy Analysis, he has (co)authored monographs on EU Energy Policy and articles and chapters on the resource curse, the role of energy in EU-Russia relations, economic and military developments in the Arctic, lessons learned with regard to strategic autonomy projects, and role of key energy supply corridors. His work on the resource curse and the political-developmental effects of mineral export dependence have led to several commissioned studies (1,2,3). Prior to his focus on energy security matters, Dr. Schubert focused on the empirical analysis of modern terrorism developing a framework for understanding it as a limitedly successful form of warfare for weaker forces engaged in asymmetric conflicts against large open societies.



  • Die Energiepolitik der EU with J.Pollak & P. Smolinski. (2010)  Vienna: UTB/Facultas.


  • “Savior or Achilles Heel: Turkish Membership in the Context of EU Energy Policy” (2010)  Paper presented with J. Pollak at the 68th Annual Midwest Political Science Association National Conference (April 22-25, Chicago).
  • A Comparative Analysis of Systemic Opportunities and Constraints in US and UK Energy Policy Formulation: Implications for Inter-State Relations (2008) Ann Arbor: ProQuest/UMI.
  • Being Rich in Energy Resources – A Blessing or a Curse, (2007) Report to the Directorate General, External Policies of the Union, Brussels: European Parliament.
  • “Revisiting the Oil Curse” in Development 49.3 September 2006.
  • The asymmetric power of terrorism (2007) George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies: Garmisch; available in English, German, and Russian. Also available in Schröfl/Cox/Pankratz (eds.) (2009) Winning the Asymmetric War, Political, Social and Military Responses, New York: Peter Lang.
  • “In Search of that Valid Terrorist Profile” in Schröfl (Edt.): Political Asymmetries in the Era of Globalization, Frankfurt, Peter Lang: 2007.
  • “In Search of that Valid Terrorist Profile: Debunking myths behind the violence” (2007) presented at the 2007 Biennial International Conference of the Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and Society, Chicago, 27 October, 2007.
  • “La política exterior de Estados Unidos” (2007) Bien Comùn, No. 153.
  • “Protecting Cultural Property in Times of War: The non-state actor dilemma” (2009) in Proceedings of the Conference on Protecting Cultural Heritage in Times Of Armed Conflict, Tallinn: Estonian Heritage Society.