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Speaking Requests

The offices of Chancellor Elizabeth (Beth) J. Stroble and President Julian Z. Schuster attempt to accommodate as many speaking requests or meeting/event attendance requests as possible and appreciates your support of the University. However, some invitations may have to be declined due to scheduling conflicts. We appreciate your understanding and invite you to submit other requests for alternate dates.

To assist us in serving your needs and representing Webster University in the best possible fashion, please fill out the following information in the form below. Please be as exact as possible in the times requested, as Chancellor Stroble or President Schuster may have other engagements on this same date.

Fill out my online form.

If your event schedule changes after your invitation has been accepted, please contact us as soon as possible to determine if the change can be accommodated.

To contact the Office of the Chancellor, call or email Dana Sprehe at 314-246-4218 or danasprehe27@webster.edu. To contact the President's Office, call or email Jeanene George at 314-246-8242 or jeanenegeorge96@webster.edu.