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Faculty Notification

Each semester, the Reeg Academic Resource Center or the local site will send the instructors of each student with documented disabilities who has registered with Webster a notification that lists all accommodations and auxiliary aids the student may need. All Saint Louis area instructors and online instructors will receive this letter via Webster email. The list, which is the result of a meeting between Reeg ARC or local site staff and the students, is based on the student's disability, prior accommodation history, suggestions in the documentation, recommendations of prior instructors, and best practices criteria.

Its purpose is to inform the instructor that a student who qualifies for accommodations will be attending class, to designate specific accommodations to which the student is legally entitled (e.g., extended time for testing), to help the instructor prepare for auxiliary aids that may be in the classroom (e.g., a guide dog, a sign interpreter, a CART team), to aid the instructor in presenting material effectively (e.g., use of visual aids recommended), and to give the instructor information abut a diagnosis that could affect the classroom (e.g., diabetes, epilepsy, Tourette's Syndrome).

There may be instances when an instructor is not notified that a student with a disability is or will be attending class. The most common reasons are:

  • The student has added the class after notifications were sent out but has not informed the Reeg ARC. If you suspect this has happened, please call the Reeg ARC Academic ADA Coordinator at 314-246-7700.
  • The student has been diagnosed but has not registered with the Reeg ARC or has elected to refuse services. If you suspect a disability that may have an impact on performance in your class, please call the Reeg ARC and discuss the situation.
  • The student has not been diagnosed. Disabilities can appear or reoccur during the adult years. If you suspect this may be the case, please suggest the student contact the Reeg ARC.