10 Facts to Know about the Reeg Academic Resource Center | Webster University

10 Facts to Know about the Reeg Academic Resource Center

1)    The Reeg Academic Resource Center (Reeg ARC) is a resource for all students. Our services include testing, tutoring and writing assistance; assistive technology; disability accommodations and support; academic counseling; advocacy and direction to help students meet their needs; and more. 

2)    The Reeg ARC is available to assist faculty and staff members in and out of the classroom. Team members can provide workshops to address topics such as managing time in stressful situations, adjusting to change in college, understanding academic expectations, game plans for finals, and more. Classroom presentations can address proper citations and documentation; academic integrity; and other writing issues, such as conducting quality research.

3)    The Reeg ARC supports students and employees at all Webster campuses and sites, including online-only students. Students at different locations—whether by enrollment or via study abroad—can access many of our services online and via email and phone.

4)    The Reeg ARC assists students who are high-performing and want to do even better as well as students who are struggling.

5)    Academic Counselors help students improve their GPAs, get organized, manage stress and anxiety, improve study habits, and more.

6)    Reeg ARC tutors and Writing Coaches are, primarily, Webster students who have been recommended by Webster faculty members for these positions. Writing Coaches are a mix of students and professional staff members who are available to assist students. Some of these Writing Coaches also have expertise in ESL support.

7)    Tutoring and writing assistance online. Peer tutors and writing coaches; professional writing coaches through the Online Writing Center; and NetTutor, an online professional tutoring and writing resource, are available to assist students.

8)    The Reeg ARC team members are friendly and work to support Webster’s community in any way possible. We want to help the Webster community! Please call or email us.

9)    We encourage you to invite us to visit your departments during department meetings and/or to invite us to your classes as a great way to help us connect with employees and students.

10) The Reeg ARC website (www.webster.edu/arc) contains valuable information and resources that we encourage everyone to access.