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Course Exams

The Reeg ARC Testing Center was originally created to serve Webster students and instructors; each year, more than two-thirds of the tests we proctor are Webster course exams. All Webster course exams are proctored free of charge. When it comes to using the Testing Center, this page offers separate guidelines for students and for faculty.

Students' Responsibilities

  • To contact the instructor for approval to test outside class or to notify the instructor that the student has the right to test in a distraction-reduced environment as part of his/her academic accommodations for a disability.
  • To make an appointment with the Testing Center at least 24 hours in advance, and we recommend at least a week ahead if the student needs a specific time during midterms and finals periods. Students can call (314-246-8225), e-mail (, or come by the Testing Center in person to make their appointment.
  • To then notify the instructor, if possible, of the date and time by which the test needs to arrive at the Testing Center. (We will also go through the department to notify the instructor once an appointment has been made, if we do not already have the test in our possession.)
  • To arrive on time for the testing appointment, carrying some form of photo ID and any books/notes required for the test. We can provide paper, writing implements, and even calculators if the instructor has specified that they are to be used on the test.

Instructors' Responsibilities

  • To identify students who will need to test outside class (for whatever reason). It is generally the student's responsibility to make his or her testing appointment, but we will also schedule appointments made by instructors. Please remember that, unless the student has a relevant academic accommodation for a disability, it is up to the instructor whether or not to allow the student to test outside class. We will make an appointment at a student's request, but we can only administer a test with the instructor's permission! We cannot, however, offer proctoring services for in-class exams, and we do not schedule make-up exams for an entire class.)
  • To send us one copy of the test for each student who needs to take it, or to email us a copy along with the names of all relevant students, ideally well in advance of the date when students are expected to take it. We accept tests delivered to our office, via fax 314-968-5919), or via e-mail( We are unable to do bulk testing (3 or more students per class) or entire classroom retakes, due to the demands of the Testing Center. Please check in with your department coordinator to set up an alternative day for the entire class to retake their exam. Students with special accommodations through our office are, of course, as always treated on a case by case basis.
  • To enclose a completed cover sheet along with each test, or to include the relevant test instructions in the body of an e-mail message. This will tell us whether/how the test is timed, what materials the student can use on the test, how and where you'd like the test returned to you, and what the student's name(s) is/are! (If we don't have a student name, we can't give out the test; if we don't have the other information, we will default to an un-timed, closed-book test hand-delivered to the department through which the course is offered. Tests can be returned to department, faxed, e-mailed or mailed. (We do keep backup copies of faxed, emailed, and U.S. mailed tests for a few weeks, so in case your copy gets lost or is illegible, we are happy to send it another way.)
  • To respond promptly to requests for tests, either by sending us a copy of the test with a cover sheet, or by letting us know that the student does not have permission to take that test in the Testing Center.
  • To let us know as soon as possible if the test does not arrive when/how you expect it; we keep files indicating how and to whom each test was delivered, so we can often help you trace an errant test. Also, if you want an untaken test returned before the end of the semester (we normally hold them and then return them to their departments), please let us know and we'll send it back to you at once!

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