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Placement Tests

The Testing Center offers two types of placement tests designed specifically for Webster students: foreign-language placement tests and MBA prerequisite waiver exams.

Foreign-Language Placement Tests

Webster has standardized placement tests for four of the languages in which we offer classes: Spanish, French, German, and Japanese. Students are usually required to take the relevant placement test either before they register or before they begin attending classes in the relevant language.

Spanish, French, and German placement tests are administered through an online testing platform and are scored instantly, including information about which semester of language instruction the score translates to. These tests are adaptive (i.e., each question gets more or less difficult depending on how the previous question was answered), and so the number of questions required to place each student varies; total testing time can range from approximately 5 to 45 minutes.

Webster's Japanese placement tests are administered on paper and must be scored by Webster faculty outside the Testing Center, after which the results are reported to the student. There are two levels of Japanese tests, Beginner and Intermediate; students normally begin by taking the Beginner test, and if they pass it, they return to the Testing Center for the Intermediate test. Passing both the Beginner and Intermediate tests will allow a student to take any advanced Japanese courses. Each Japanese test takes up to one hour.

The Testing Center requires 24 business hours for all appointments. Appointments can be made by calling us at 314-246-8225 or stopping by the Reeg Academic Resource Center. We cannot accommodate walk in or same day appointments.

MBA Prerequisite Waiver Exams

Webster's MBA program requires two prerequisite courses: BUSN 5600 (Accounting Theory and Practice) and BUSN 5620 (Current Economic Analysis). These exams are designed to allow students who know these topics well but lack recent graduate-level coursework to waive the prerequisites in question.

The Testing Center offers these prerequisite exams to prospective and current MBA students in the St. Louis metro area. We require an appointment with one full business day's advance notice in order to ensure that the student is properly registered for the exam, which is delivered through our WorldClassRoom online learning platform. Please call us at 314-246-8225 for more information or to make an appointment!

Prospective and current MBA students outside St. Louis who wish to take one or both waiver exams should contact either their academic advisor or your nearest Webster campus.

All three waiver exams are multiple-choice tests, with 100 questions for BUSN 5600 and 50 questions for BUSN 5620. Each test is programmed to allow up to four hours' time, although students usually take only 1-2 hours. For BUSN 5600 and BUSN 5620 a score of 70% is required to waive out of the relevant course, and scores between 60 and 69% allow the test to be retaken once within ten business days. A score below 60%, or a retake that fails to achieve 70%, means that the course must be taken. There are no study guides or other instructional aids available for these tests, although it is generally a good idea for students seeking extra preparation to work through a textbook for the equivalent course!

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