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How to Apply

Admission to Webster University is competitive.  Applicants are evaluated on the basis of their academic preparation, talents, and interests, as well as the College's capacity to help them achieve their educational objectives and career goals.  Although candidates receive a holistic review, successful candidates for admission have typically completed a college preparatory program in high school, which includes: 

  • four years of english 
  • at least three years of math 
  •  at least two years of modern language 
  • at least two years of natural or physical science
  • at least three years of social science
  • and two years of academic electives

As part of our comprehensive review process, supplemental materials, as well as a personal interview, may be required prior to the determination of admissibility.  

Webster University’s admission review process reflects a holistic approach as we believe an admission decision needs a comprehensive understanding of a student’s curricular and co-curricular achievements. This includes their academic abilities, review of the student’s performance in college preparatory coursework, leadership activities, interests, and any other noteworthy activities. These elements allow Webster to have an inclusive view when evaluating a student’s admission application.  

Beginning with admission for the Fall of 2021 semester, first time students may choose to select Webster’s test-optional method of application.  Along with submission of high school transcripts and a personal statement, students may submit additional materials that best highlights their skills, talents and likely contributions to Webster. Students selecting the test-optional path will not have their standardized test scores considered as a part of the admission review procedure.

As with every applicant, the review process for students who do not submit a standardized score is very personalized. The admission officers review official high school transcripts (including the grading scale), the and the applicant’s personal statement.  Students completing the Common Application or the College Coalition Application, do not need an additional personal statement; as the admission officer will review the one included in the submission of these two applications. Admissions also welcomes a resume and letters of recommendation from the student’s teachers, coaches, counselors, or mentors as part the applicant’s submission.

Students electing to send standardized test results as part of the application, will receive an evaluation of these items as part of the process. Test-optional applicants, as with any applicant, will automatically be considered for merit-based scholarships at the time of admission to Webster.

  • Students applying from from secondary schools/organizations that provide only narrative evaluations rather than some form of grading scale will be required to provide test scores.  
  • Home school students are required to provide test scores.   


Pre-College Work: Freshmen are admitted to the University following the successful completion of a twelve-year American high school program or its international equivalent as recognized by Webster.  Webster awards credit for AP, CLEP, and IB exams. More information about these and other external exams for college credit is available on the Credit by Exam webpage.

Credits and Degrees: The typical length of full-time undergraduate study at the University is four years. Successful completion culminates in the award of a baccalaureate (bachelor's) degree. Students previously enrolled at another accredited university may be eligible for transfer credit and complete the program in fewer than four years.

Non-Native Students: Students whose native or predominant language is not English may need additional English proficiency that requires them to enroll in English as a Second Language (ESL). Webster offers intermediate and/or advanced ESL courses at the St. Louis, Geneva, Leiden, Hua Hin/Cha-am, and Vienna campuses. These courses are designated as university level and may count toward degree requirements.

Transfer Students: Advanced standing may be awarded to transfer students whose prior academic work was completed at a regionally accredited American university or an equivalent international university as recognized by Webster.

High School Students Earning Associate Degrees:
In determining if a student is considered a freshman or transfer student for admission and scholarship purposes, date of high school graduation will be the primary factor. High-achieving students enrolled in programs on community college campuses earning a high school diploma and associate degree simultaneously are considered a freshman for purposes of Webster University admission, scholarship award, and housing policies. All University transfer credit policies will apply, so students will likely be admitted with advanced standing. Students shall submit official high school transcript as well as official college transcripts showing all college-level work attempted, along with all other requirements as outlined for freshman admission. Students who have matriculated to a college or university post-high school graduation will be considered transfer students for admission purposes.

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