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Advising Excellence Awards

Advising Award Overview

The Office of Academic Affairs and Academic Advising Center annually recognizes and honors excellence in academic advising across Webster University.

Excellent advisors are:

  • Caring and helpful;
  • Knowledgeable about curriculum and academic policies; and
  • Actively engaged in fostering the academic and career goals of their advisees.

By calling attention to the best work in this area, this award recognizes the high-impact practices that contribute to the "global student centered experience" we provide. These awards recognize faculty and staff advisors who demonstrate advising at its finest.

Two awards will be presented annually in the following categories:

  1. Outstanding Faculty Advisor
  2. Outstanding Staff Advisor

Faculty Advising Award

The Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award honors the contribution to student success, retention, and persistence that Faculty Advisors make. They are ideally situated to explain and integrate the learning outcomes of the curriculum they helped design. They can also play a unique role in helping students see how to use their degrees professionally and academically.

This award is for full-time individuals whose primary responsibility is classroom teaching and advising.

Professional Advising Award

The Outstanding Staff Advisor recognizes the contributions professional advisors make to the university, particularly to students. Professional advisors throughout the network play an important role, as the academic advisor may be the one constant throughout a student's academic journey at Webster University.

This award is for individuals who have significant advising responsibilities including formally assigned students to advise.


Nominations will be reviewed by a committee consisting of the Directors of Graduate and Undergraduate Advising, an Academic Vice-President, an undergraduate Student Government Association (SGA) representative, a graduate student representative, an extended campus Director, and a past Faculty Fellow in Advising or previous faculty award winner.


  • February 1 –Call for Nominations
  • March 15 –Nominations close; request resumes from nominees.
  • Early May–Selection Committee meets and sends recommendations to Vice-Provost
  • Mid May–Award/Announcement


To nominate an advisor, please write a brief paragraph stating why you think he/she is an outstanding advisor.

We welcome nominations from students, faculty, staff, and eligible individuals themselves.

  1. Submit nominations to (please use "Advising Award" in the subject line). Nominations should address the key criteria of good academic advising.
  2. Nominees will be asked to submit a resume/curriculum vita and a 1 page statement on advising for review by the committee.

Award Winners

Terry Sullivan2019 Outstanding Faculty Advisor
Terry Sullivan, Assistant Professor, Department of Communications and Journalism

“I have come to realize that advising is as important as teaching and, arguably, even more so.”

Amy Carroll2019 Outstanding Staff Advisor
Amy Carroll, Assistant Director, Graduate Advising Center

One nominator noted that Carroll was “an incredible advocate” throughout her studies, adding that Carroll “has been the voice and face of the school. I’m an online student and have never visited the St. Louis campus. Amy has been my constant connection to Webster.”



Amanda Kracen2018 Outstanding Faculty Advisor
Amanda Kracen, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology

"Dr. Kracen is simply outstanding. She is conscientious of students' needs and university requirements. She establishes a relationship with her advisees, including who they are outside of class, what their non-university schedule (family/work life) is, and what they desire to achieve through their education." Student

Jordan Wienke2018 Outstanding Staff Advisor
Jordan Wienke, International Academic Advisor, Graduate Advising Center

"I just wanted to let you know about my AMAZING experiences with Jordan Wienke as my advisor...Any time I reach out to her for random questions, help with registering, or just ideas on my plan for the future, she is right there. She is so encouraging and helpful. It is very hard to find the right words for me to explain just how amazing she has been." Student