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Art Degree Programs (BA & BFA)


The Bachelor of Arts degree in Art with an Emphasis in Studio Art provides students with a thorough and varied foundation in the various medias and techniques of art production. BA students find the creative process rewarding, love the making of art in all its forms, and want the flexibility to discover various processes of art making alongside other pursuits.

The BA in Art degree can be paired with the BA in Education with Certification in Art K–12 Education. The BA in Art degree also provides a solid foundation for other ways to engage with the art world, such as in gallery work. The degree encourages students to explore other fields and areas of knowledge at the same time as art, pursuing multiple interests and perhaps combining them, to become a well-rounded individual, a critical thinker, and a global citizen.

Emphasis Areas for BFA Degree

Degree Requirements

BA in Art Sample Curriculum

The following curriculum for a BA in Art with an emphasis in Studio Art major is an example only. It represents the department’s concern that a BA Art graduate balance an exposure to various materials and techniques of art practice with an equal exposure to ideas and thoughts outside of art, general education requirements, and the encouragement of study abroad to broaden one’s global vision. See the Degree Requirements link and the Degree Audit Worksheet for specific requirements and options.

Freshman Year
ART 1010 Creative Strategies 3
ART 1110 Introduction to Drawing 3
DESN 1210 Design Concepts 3
ARHS 2200 Current Art 3
FRSH 1200 GCP First Year Seminar 3
ARHS 2210 History of Western Art 3
ART 1120 Principles of Drawing 3
ART 2315 Sculpture I  3
ART 2715 Fine Art Photography 3
THEA 2040 History of Theatre: Restoration to 1915 (GCP ROC/OCOM) 3
ARHS 2000 Art Forum 1
Sophomore Year
ART 2110 Figure Drawing 3
ART 2610 Printmaking Concepts and Techniques 3
ART 2900 Major Acceptance Review 0
SUST 1000 Introduction to Sustainability Studies 3
PHIL 2360 Environmental Ethics (GCP PNW/ETH) 3
ILC 1090 Elementary Language I: Arabic 3
ILC 1091 Elementary Language I Workshop 1
ART 2120 Intermediate Drawing 3
ART 2530 Ceramics: Space 3
ARHS 2320 Asian Art 3
ANTH 2510 World Musics (GCP ARTS/INTC) 3
ILC 1100 Elementary Language II: Arabic 3
ILC 1101 Elementary Language I Workshop 1
Junior Year
ENGL 1044 Topics in Literature (GCP ROC/WCOM) 3
INTL 1500 World System since 1500 (GCP GLBL/CRI) 3
INTL 2650 The Politics of Peace 3
PSYC 1100 Intro to Psychology (GCP SSHB/CRI) 3
MEDC 1630 Media Literacy (GCP - SSHB/CRI) 3
ART 3630 Papermaking 3
DESN 1500 Digital Visualizations 3
ARHS 3250 Modern Art 3
HRTS 1100 Introduction to Human Rights 3
PHIL 2000 Making Decisions (GCP QL/OCOM) 3
ARHS 2000 Art Forum 1
ARHS 2000 Short-Term Study Abroad Venice or Florence 3
Senior Year
ART 2820 Sound and Noise Art 3
ART 2410 Painting I 3
ART 4020 Visual Arts Seminar 3
ARHS 4600 Topics: Symbols: Theory and Meaning 3
PHIL 2510 Philosophic Classics 3
ART 3060 Text and Image 3
ART 4910 BA Senior Overview 1
ARHS 3150 Baroque Art    3
KEYS 4019 Art and Social Engagement (GCP Keystone) 3
ILC 1170 Elementary Conversation: Arabic 3
HIST 2070 Topics in Non-Western History: Arabic Philosophy  

Degree Requirements

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