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Visiting Assistant Professor
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Marisa Adesman is a visual artist who uses painting, performance, and video to examine the ways that femininity and modern culture interact. She is interested in exploring gender politics, as well as means of awakening female selfhood. The idea of femininity provides artists with access to a large visual vocabulary, and thus provides opportunities to blur the lines between formal stereotypes.

Adesman's work extends to themes of the body as spectacle, performativity in personal and social relationships, and the tension between agency and expectation within contexts of intimacy and love. Adesman explores various ways in which the grotesque body conflicts with our visual glossary for beauty and health, as promulgated through pop culture and commercial media – especially by confronting experiences of consumption (of media, food, and even one's own image). Focusing on the kitchen and the dining room, Adesman questions how visual disorientation of the domestic space works to unmoor and destabilize ingrained assumptions that have been historically limiting or debilitating for women. Recently, she has begun to explore the politics of the so-called "domestic goddess" – using her work to negotiate a form of feminine identity that lies between the often-polarized figures of "the feminist" and "the housewife." Adesman works to reunite her female characters with their goddess power while staying grounded in the familiarity of the domestic scene.

Adesman received her Masters of Fine Arts degree in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2018. In 2013, she earned her Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts at Washington University in St. Louis, where she majored in painting and psychology. She attended Yale University's Summer School of Art in Norfolk, Connecticut in 2012 and Columbia University's Advanced Painting Intensive in 2013, as well as many other residencies across the country, including Marble House Project, Jentel Foundation Residency, and PLOP residency in London. Adesman has shown her work in galleries and museums across the country, including Abigail Ogilvy Gallery in Boston, MA, Asya Geisberg Gallery in NYC, and Morgan Lehman Gallery in NYC; she will be presenting her collaborative film, "The Ballad of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow," at Elephant West Gallery in London in September 2019.

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