Vision | Webster University


Webster University Art Council aims to give visual and physical form to our core values related to education, diversity and global citizenship. The council also strives to enhance the sense of place for Webster University on campus, as a cohesive physical entity, locally with the community we live in, and as a globe-reaching institution. The council works in collaboration with entities in the local and regional communities and beyond to enhance its work, expand its impact, and achieve its mission. The council aims to engage in and promote the following:


  • Enhance the visual literacy of the campus community
  • Promote free exchange of ideas and development of knowledge
  • Promote public dialog within the campus experience

Sense of place

  • Make and improve spatial connections and functions
  • Promote stewardship of place through art


  • Promote interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Form strategic alliances
  • Celebrate heritage
  • Engage the community