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Nurse Anesthesia Department

Application deadline: September 1

The Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice, DNAP, program teaches students about the art and science of anesthesia. Individuals develop expertise in this evolving profession through a holistic and complex integration of affective, cognitive, and psychomotor skills. The philosophy of Webster University's nurse anesthesia program is that graduate education is fundamental to preparation for practicing as a certified registered nurse anesthetist.

Webster University also believes that the profession of anesthesia requires a scientific and dynamic approach to assist in the return to health. The professional nurse anesthetist provides a variety of health services to individual patients, including assessment, planning, implementation, directing, and evaluating the care process. Because strong moral, ethical, and legal codes are fundamental to the practice of nurse anesthesia, these issues are examined at length as part of the coursework as well.

The art and science of anesthesia are dynamic and require continued educational endeavors to stay abreast of current theory. Therefore, the nurse anesthetist must recognize the need to enhance one's knowledge and improve one's skills as a lifelong endeavor in the discipline of nurse anesthesia. Webster's program encourages professional development both in and outside our classrooms and labs.

*Please see the Academic Program page for the DNAP Admission Requirements*

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