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Philosophy Department | Webster University

Philosophy Department

Do you find yourself asking big questions or thinking on a large scale? Do you wonder about beauty, justice, and happiness? Maybe you'd like to understand your identity and your culture on a deeper level. All these things, and more, are what philosophy is about.

Webster University's Philosophy Department is a rich and exciting place to be a student. We specialize in thought-provoking classes that stretch the imagination and challenge the intellect. Classes like "The Meaning of Life" and "Environmental Ethics" cultivate an atmosphere of curiosity and wonder, where you and other students will ask the questions that others shy away from. This is a place where “why?” questions are always welcome, and vibrant, deep, and respectful conversations are the norm.

If you think that sounds fun, but wonder what kind of job you can get with a philosophy degree, we can supply you with plenty of inspiration. Our graduates have gone on to pursue a wide range of careers, from professor to hotel manager, from graphic designer to director of a non-profit agency. Philosophy is one of the best majors to prepare you for law and graduate school entrance exams. At Webster, philosophy is a popular choice for a companion major or minor. This is because a philosophical background helps you think more deeply and communicate more effectively than others in your field, regardless of your line of work. Check out some of the ways you can get involved with our annual conference or contact the department to set up an appointment with a faculty member.

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