Katherine Daniels, PhD | Webster University

Katherine Daniels, PhD


Visiting Assistant Professor
Webster Hall 307
(314) 968-8249



PhD, University of Oklahoma
MS, University of Oklahoma
BA, University of Rochester

Research Interests

Decision-making and foraging
Individual Differences in Animal Behavior
Spatial Memory
Evolutionary Psychology
Mate Preference

Select Publications and Presentations

Devenport, L. D., Devenport, J. A., Jenkins, J. R., & Daniels, K. D. The risks of social moisture: Caching preferences and pilfering success across dry and damp sand.  Manuscript in preparation (to be submitted to Behavioral Ecology). 

Penner, J. L, Jenkins, J. R., Devenport, L. D., & Daniels, K. D. Recover or exploit: The pilfering strategies of two sympatric chipmunk species. Manuscript in preparation.

Daniels, K.M. & Devenport, L.D. (2013). Cognitive mapping differences in two sympatric chipmunk species. Poster presented at the Animal Behavior Society annual meeting, Boulder, CO. 

Daniels, K.M. & Devenport, L.D. (2011). Subordinate eastern chipmunks preferentially rob the caches of dominant animals. Poster presented at the Animal Behavior Society annual meeting, Bloomington, IN.