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William McIntire, PhD


William McIntire

Professor of Philosophy



William McIntire earned his PhD in philosophy from the University of Warwick in January 2017 under the supervision of Keith Ansell-Pearson.  William is an alumnus from the undergraduate philosophy program at Webster University, having graduated with departmental honors in 2009.  He specializes in the works of Nietzsche and Freud, and his interests include Lebensphilosophie; aesthetics; ethics; psychoanalytic theory; Hellenistic influences in philosophy from Kant on through Foucault; feminism; as well as neuro-psychoanalysis, environmentalism, and evolutionary theory.  He is currently focusing his attention on the aesthetic foundation of ethical valuations and the fluid, variably plastic, psycho-dynamic structure imposed on that aesthetic foundation.

Some of his hobbies and personal interests include the arts and culture as either an artist or a spectator (be they the musical, culinary, performing, literary, or plastic arts).  He also enjoys nature and various outdoor activities.