Monica Moore | Webster University

Monica Moore, PhD


Monica Moore  

  Professor, Experimental Psychology and Clinical Respecialization
  313 Webster Hall
  (314) 968-7074


University of Missouri - St. Louis, 1987 (Clinical Respecialization)
PhD University of Missouri - Columbia, 1981
MA University of Missouri - Columbia, 1978
BA University of Missouri - Rolla, 1976

Courses Frequently Taught

Nonverbal Behavior
Psychology and Women
Human Sexuality
Personality Theory
History, Philosophy and Systems of Psychology
Health Psychology
Senior Seminar: Dress and Appearance

Research Interests

Nonverbal Communication
Human Courtship Behavior
Human Sexuality
Dress and Appearance Issues

Selected Presentations and Publications

M. M. Moore and G.I. Williams. (2013). The woman in the 360 mirror: What Not to Wear and the feminist construction of reality. Fashion, Style, & Popular Culture, 51-73.

M. M. Moore. (2010). Human nonverbal courtship behavior—A brief historical review. The Journal of Sex Research, 47, 171-180.

G. I. Williams and M. M. Moore. (2010). Studying  academic dress and gender identlty:  An integration of research and self.  In L. Cherubini (ed.), The Study of Identity as a concept and Social Construct in Behavioral and Social Science Research:  Interdisciplinary and Global Perspectives (pp 39-70).  Lampeter, Wales:  Edwin Mellen Press.

Moore, M. M. (2002). Courtship communication and perception. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 94, 97-105.

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Moore, M. M. (1985). Science and gender: A critique of biology and its theories on women AND biopolitics and gender. Politics and the Life Sciences, 4(1), 92-94.

Conover, J. N., Seymor, S. E., Marx, M. H., & Moore, M. M. (1978). Stereo-typical personality trait ratings of concrete and "typical" stimuli persons. Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society, 1978, 12(6), 400-402.