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Walker School: Adjunct Faculty Orientation and FAQ

Walker School Faculty Orientation

Adjunct faculty are critical to the academic success of students within the George Herbert Walker School of Business and Technology (WSBT).  The WSBT recognizes the impact and value which our adjunct faculty members have, and an online orientation has been developed to on-board the newest members of our team.  The orientation ensures information regarding the resources currently in place to help guide and support faculty is made available at the beginning of the school-faculty affiliation.

The WSBT Adjunct Faculty Orientation developed by the Faculty Development Center (FDC) in collaboration with the WSBT is designed to provide consistent, quality on-boarding information for all new adjunct instructors teaching courses within the WSBT.  The orientation includes current information in areas such as expectations of faculty, assessment procedures, accreditation, technology support and services, teaching resources, and University policies and procedures.

The orientation is a requirement for all new adjunct faculty members with approval processes completed on or after May 1, 2015.  All adjunct faculty with approval processes completed on or after this date will be expected to complete the orientation within the nine week term that follows. 

By completing orientation, adjunct faculty members demonstrate commitment to the mission and values of Webster University and the WSBT as well as a willingness to learn and understand the basic framework of teaching in the WSBT, the resources available and the expectations held by the school. 

Successful completion of orientation will be factored into future course assignment decisions. 


To provide new faculty with the initial information, tools and resources necessary for successful teaching within the WSBT and ensure all faculty are provided with consistent resources and guidance


The WSBT online orientation is required for all new adjunct faculty members whose approval processes are completed on or after May 1, 2015.  Faculty are required to complete the orientation within the nine week term which follows the completion of their approval process.  Faculty members who do not complete orientation within the specified timeframe will not be considered in future course assignment decisions.


Five orientations take place over consecutive nine week terms each academic year coinciding with the nine week graduate academic terms (Spring 1, Spring 2, Summer, Fall 1 and Fall 2).


Frequently Asked Questions

When will a faculty member be enrolled in orientation and into which orientation will they be enrolled?

After a faculty member’s approval process has been completed, s/he will be enrolled by the FDC in the next available orientation approximately two weeks prior to the start of the term.


    • If an approval process is completed on February 17, a faculty member would be enrolled in Spring 2 orientation. 
    • If an approval process is completed on June 10, a faculty would be enrolled in Fall 1 orientation. 
    • New faculty will be enrolled up until the Friday before the terms begins.  Faculty with approval processes completed after the Friday before the term begins will be queued for the next available term.

What is the Faculty Development Center (FDC)?

The FDC is available to support and promote the achievement of excellence in teaching, learning, and scholarship of Webster’s worldwide community of faculty.  The FDC strives to support the foundations of excellence in teaching and learning by inspiring and empowering all faculty to identify opportunities to improve student learning, investigate and employ appropriate strategies and techniques, evaluate outcomes, and share experiences in an effort to create environments in which all students learn.  Learn more by visiting

How will notification that a faculty member has been added to orientation take place?

Academic Affairs notifies campus directors and/or department chairs via email when an approval process has been completed and an ID# has been issued.  This email contains WSBT specific language referencing the orientation requirement and timeline for completion for faculty teaching in the WSBT.

Following this notification from Academic Affairs, the FDC sends two notification emails directly to a new faculty member at her/his Webster email address.

  • The first email welcomes the faculty member to Webster and advise her/him that s/he will be enrolled in the required orientation approximately two weeks prior to the beginning of the term.
  • The second email is sent when orientation begins and provides faculty with the information needed to join the course in the WorldClassRoom (Canvas).  It provides information referencing the specific WSBT requirement, beginning date of orientation, timeline for completion and contact details for questions.

How much time does orientation take to complete?

Two to three hours - Faculty can complete sections of the orientation at different times.  It does not need to be completed in one sitting.

How long does a faculty member have to complete orientation?

Nine weeks - Faculty members are expected to complete the orientation within the nine week section to which they are added after their approval process is finalized.  Regular checks on orientation progress will be performed by the WSBT Adjunct Faculty Administrator.  Campus directors and chairs will be notified of all applicable faculty who have not completed the orientation at each checkpoint reiterating the implications of not doing so.

Can faculty complete orientation while teaching a course?

Ideally, new faculty members will complete orientation before teaching a WSBT course as it is expected that faculty members will be submitted for approval well in advance of when their first courses are anticipated to take place.  We recognize, however, that this is not always feasible in every case.  Given this, faculty members are permitted to complete orientation concurrently with their first course if it coincides with their orientation term.  If the orientation is not completed within the nine week timeframe, however, the faculty member will not be allowed to teach future courses within the WSBT

What happens if a faculty member does not complete orientation within the nine week term?

The WSBT fully expects every faculty member to complete orientation within the nine week term to which s/he is added.  If a faculty member does not complete the orientation during the specified timeframe, s/he will be prohibited from teaching for her/his respective campus/department for any future courses past that term.  As the faculty member may be scheduled to teach in the next term, it is imperative that campus directors and department chairs express the value and importance of completing the orientation well before this point is reached.

All applicable parties will be notified to inactivate a faculty member and unattach her/him from future scheduled courses:

  • Academic Affairs
  • Campus Director and/or Department Chair
  • Campus and/or Department Representatives

What happens after a faculty member completes orientation? 

After a faculty member completes orientation, both the WSBT and the FDC will be notified and will keep a record of this completion.  Confirmation will be submitted to both the faculty member and the campus/department.

Faculty members will then have the option to join the Faculty Development Center supplement in the WorldClassRoom (Canvas) which contains teaching resources curated from FDC programs, archives of previously held workshops and other learning events, and access to online tools to support Faculty Learning Communities.