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Walker School: Faculty Proposals for Global Hybrid Courses

Walker Global Hybrid Course Proposals


To support the university's mission of transforming students for global citizenship, George Herbert Walker School of Business & Technology (The Walker School) Faculty are invited to submit proposals for Walker Global Hybrid Courses in a variety of disciplines going to a variety of US and international locations. We hope to provide exciting opportunities for students to study and experience relevant and current Business & Technology issues around the world.


Recent student survey data reveals that some non-traditional students are interested in study abroad experiences, but are deterred from participating in traditional study abroad offerings primarily due to cost, full-time jobs, or family obligations. Walker Global Hybrid Courses provide opportunities for all Walker School students to have an international experience via a 1 week international trip embedded within an online course.

Request for Proposals

The Walker School invites faculty to submit proposals for Walker Global Hybrid Course opportunities for our students. These courses will combine 8 weeks of online study with a 1 week international travel component. The courses are geared towards the learning outcomes in the disciplines of business, management, and technology. We encourage proposals for Global Hybrid Courses around the world, including the United States, to allow all Walker School students an opportunity to experience the world. Proposal components include:  Online Global Hybrid Course - Faculty Proposal Form, Syllabus, and Resume. If your proposal is selected, a Risk Assessment and a Budget Estimate will be requested. 

    1. To submit your proposal, please complete the Walker Global Hybrid Course - Faculty Proposal form.
    2. Please submit by January 26, 2018  to be considered for the 2018-2019 academic year.
    3. Decisions will be communicated by March, 2018.

Proposal Resources

Please review the above mentioned proposal form prior to submitting your online proposal. It is possible to save an incomplete online proposal if you return to the link from the same computer.  A sample proposal is available upon request.

For general questions please contact Anne Browning, Program Director at 314-246-8236 or annebrowning15@webster.edu.

Short-Term Faculty Led Course Policy

Short Term Faculty Led Program Policy

Walker Global Hybrid Courses are subject to the requirements outlined in the Short Term Faculty Led Program Policy produced by the Office of Study Abroad. Faculty should review the policy closely prior to proposal submission. Questions related to the policy or how it is applied by the Walker School may be addressed to Anne Browning, Program Director at 314- 246 – 8236 or annebrowning15@webster.edu. The policy can be found online here along with supporting documents and additional information.

Approval Process

All Walker Global Hybrid Course proposals will be reviewed by a committee composed of faculty representatives from each department in the Walker School, the Program Director and the Associate Dean. Courses selected will be presented for approval by the Dean of the Walker School, the Office of Study Abroad, the Office of Risk Management and Academic Affairs in accordance with Webster policy governing short-term faculty led programs.


All proposals for the 2018-2019 Academic year must be submitted by January 26, 2018. Following review and approval, decisions will be communicated by March, 2018.

Instructor Payment

Payment for teaching a Walker Global Hybrid Course will be at the current faculty rate for an online course for the term the course is offered. If faculty opt to co-teach a course, the course stipend will be split equally.

Reasonable Travel expenses including airfare, accommodation, meals, transportation and an international cell phone will be provided for one faculty only. Travel expenses for the second faculty may be covered if the course enrollment covers the cost of the additional expenses.

If the course is brand new to the Walker School, faculty may be eligible for a course development stipend through the Online Learning Center. This stipend will only be approved once for a single course. It does not apply for repeat courses that are offered in a different location.

Course Implementation

Walker Global Hybrid Course faculty are responsible for the academic experience of the students online and on location. Upon approval of a course, faculty work closely with the WSBT global programs team to establish and facilitate a successful Global Hybrid Course Experience. The WSBT global programs team will help coordinate the various support resources and will provide a timeline for course implementation efforts. Additional support will be provided as follows: 

Online Course Development

A quality academic experience is crucial to the successful deployment of a Walker Global Hybrid Course. Faculty will work with an Online Course Development Specialist to construct the online course segment. This must be done according to the process and timeline provided by the Online Learning Center to ensure that the course is complete well in advance of the course dates. 

Risk Management

Webster is dedicated to the safety and well-being of its students. Faculty Leaders for Walker Global Hybrid Courses are required to complete a risk assessment and emergency action plan prior to leading the travel component of the course. As the Webster University representative during the trip, Faculty Leaders are responsible for reasonable emergency response and communication with designated university contacts.

The WSBT global programs team, working with the Office of Study Abroad and Office of Risk Management will assist with the creation and implantation of necessary documents and processes.

Faculty Leaders are also required to attend a faculty training workshop prior to travel. This workshop, organized by the Office of Study Abroad will review best practices and incident response procedures for the trip. Previous faculty leaders share their experiences and best practices for a successful trip. 

Through these resources and knowledge of the international location, it is expected that the Faculty Leader will be familiar with University emergency procedures, local emergency procedures in the course location, department of state warnings and recommendations, University insurance provisions and relevant contact information prior to departure. 

Travel Logistics

Safe, well-organized travel arrangements are an integral part of all Walker Global Hybrid Courses. Travel and logistic arrangements are made in conjunction with the WSBT global programs team and the designated travel logistics provider. Faculty are expected to communicate regularly with the account representative to ensure satisfactory trip arrangements that support the course learning objectives. 


A course budget is created for each course to encompass faculty travel expenses and projected student expenses. The budget requires information and collaboration from the faculty, Office of Study Abroad, the business office and will be coordinated by the WSBT global programs team. Faculty travel requirements must comply with the official university travel policy which can be found here.

Marketing and Recruitment

Marketing efforts will be coordinated by the WSBT Global Programs office. Faculty Leaders are expected to support the marketing and recruitment efforts to ensure sufficient enrollment in their course through class visits and other special events.

Student Communication

For each Walker Global Hybrid Course, the WSBT Global Programs office will create an application packet, an FAQ document, a poster, and flyers that can be distributed to students. The FAQ will require collaboration with faculty as it outlines the course details and instructs students on how to enroll, prepare and successfully participate in the course. All documents including the course syllabus and sample itinerary will be posted on the Walker Global Hybrid Courses website Webster.edu/WalkerGlobalHybrids well in advance of course registration deadlines.

Faculty are strongly encouraged to communicate course information to students and fellow instructors as a way to encourage enrollment. You are the best, most enthusiastic and most knowledgeable advocate for your course. You are the most effect means of encouraging students to sign up for your course and experience the travel location that you have incorporated into your course. 

All students participating in a Global Hybrid Course will also be required to participate in a pre-departure orientation which is built into the online course as part of the Walker Global Hybrid Course template. Faculty contribute to the content working with the WSBT Global Programs office and the Office of Study Abroad.

A pre-departure conference call for students is scheduled with the faculty leader and the travel logistics provider shortly before the trip. This provides an opportunity for students to ask questions and make sure that they are prepared for the trip.


For questions related to the proposal requirements, faculty resources or the Walker Global Hybrid Courses in general, please contact Anne Browning, Program Director at 314-246-8236 or annebrowning15@webster.edu.