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Walker EDGE Frequently Asked Questions

What is Walker EDGE?

The Walker EDGE is a student services and employer relations office providing comprehensive professional development resources, programs and guidance to students within the Walker School of Business and Technology. The opportunities offered by Walker EDGE are designed to enable students to develop their EDGE and set them up for success in achieving their career goals. 

Why should I complete an internship?

It is essential for students to have relevant, professional experience when applying for their first jobs.  Completing an internship provides students a competitive edge in the job market as well as valuable professional contacts.

What opportunities does Walker EDGE make available to assist in my search for an internship?

Students looking for internship opportunities should take advantage of the one or both of the following resources designed to prepare students to conduct a successful internship search, including tips to apply, interview and succeed on the job:

What are the benefits of participating in opportunities through the Walker EDGE?

  • Valuable professional experience, essential in today's job market
  • Better understanding of corporate and business culture
  • Opportunity to build professional skills and industry knowledge
  • Opportunity to build professional contacts
  • A competitive EDGE in future career endeavors

What internships will be available?

Walker EDGE and Webster University's Career Planning and Development Center partner with different companies to provide a wide range of internship opportunities for students in areas such as computer science, financial services, marketing, business administration, information technology, management and more. 

Will I be required to find and apply for my own internship?

Yes. The Walker EDGE is not an internship placement service. Students are encouraged to explore all resources available to identify internship opportunities. This provides students with practical experience for a job search upon graduation. 

Will I receive academic credit for my internship?

You may apply to receive academic credit for your internship but it must be approved by the faculty internship coordinator for your department well in advance. For more information regarding an internship for academic credit including instructions on how to apply, please contact your designated faculty member or visit the Internship for Credit page.


I attend classes at one of the other St. Louis area campuses besides Webster Groves.  Am I still eligible to participate?

Yes, students at any Webster campus are eligible to participate.