Summit Online Course Syllabus | Webster University
Summit Online Course Syllabus | Webster University

Global Student Leadership Summit Online Course Syllabus

Learning Outcomes:

  • Through structured opportunities for personal introductions, discussions and sharing, participants will build interpersonal networks within the group, develop community, and receive an overall orientation to the GSLS experience.
  • From cross-cultural perspectives, participants will broaden their understanding of concepts that can characterize effective leadership, 
  • Participants will enhance their individual capacity to understand and appreciate cultural differences in ways that will foster respect and healthy leadership dialogue among GSLS participants.
  • Participants will be able to identify and articulate their individual talents, how they can be transformed into strengths, and how they can be incorporated into their lives as leaders.

Course Outline:

Each week, we will focus on one or two topics - and as we go, we will provide clear guidance for the tasks and discussions we will work on during the course:

Week 1 (Week of February 25):

Participation in the Introduction discussion board, provide an overview of the GSLS and discuss expectations for the online class.

Week 2 (Week of March 4):

Provide directions on how to complete the Clifton Strengths for Students (StrengthsQuest) inventory and review your results. Gain an introductory understanding of your StrengthsQuest themes and their definitions as well as the StrengthsQuest concepts.

Spring Break (Week of March 11)

Students can work ahead on assignments for future weeks if they would like.

Week 3 (Week of March 18):

Complete the Cultural Identity and Leadership Timeline activity. This includes leadership journey, key moments in life that impacted cultural lens, and other factors.

Complete Part I of the Action Plan Group Project, brainstorming ideas for issues on your home campus.

Week 4 (Week of March 25):

Begin to understand the Relational Leadership Model, looking at how it applies to leadership experiences and group work.

Complete Part II of the Action Plan Group Project, in which you will identify goals for increasing meaningful student involvement on your campus and building connections with the global network of Webster. Meet with your campus group to do initial brainstorming for action plan.

Week 5 (Week of April 1):

Complete Part III of the Action Plan Group Project in which you will review all the components of the Action Plan and view examples.

Brainstorm topics for roundtable discussions. These discussions will then take place on site during summit.

Week 6 (Week of Apr 8): 

Students will get an understanding of the case study activity that will occur during the summit. Here we will share the group assignments in the mixed small group setting.

Provide reminders and specifics on logistics regarding housing, transportation, what to bring, how to communicate, what to expect in St. Louis.