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Tuition Adjustment

Students who drop a course within the first week of a term/semester, will received full tuition reimbursement from the University. Students who withdraw from a course after the first week may receive a proportion of their tuition based on the schedules listed below.

Undergraduate Students: 
Tuition refunds are contingent on the drop or withdrawal date. It is the undergraduate student's responsibility to file a drop or withdrawal form with the Registrar's Office.

Tuition waivers for dropped courses are automatic. The charges are expunged from the student's account. Waivers for withdrawals are made automatically (according to the schedule below) based upon the date of withdrawal as authorized by the university official who signs the withdrawal form.



Class: 16 Week Course 8 Week Course 9 Week Course
Week 1 100% 100% 100%
Week 2 75% 75% 75%
Week 3 50% 50% 50%
Week 4 25% 25% 25%


If the student does not qualify for a waiver and wishes to petition for a refund due to special circumstances (e.g., medical emergency), the student will need to submit a formal written Tuition Adjustment appeal letter, providing a rationale and documentation to support the claim (please note – this process is for undergraduate students only. Graduate Students, please see below). 

Please be sure to include your student identification number, along with the following information:

• Your reason for requesting the committee to consider tuition refund for classes withdrawn from well past the deadline for refund.
• How many classes you attended.
• If you sought advice from Financial Aid, Academic Advising, Counseling, Health Services or any other University resource.
• If you are requesting an adjustment due to work related circumstances, they must also include documentation from their employer on company letterhead.
• Requests due to medical circumstances require an in-depth statement and documentation from your doctor and/or counselors including diagnosis and treatment, medication given and the specific dates of such.

Please incorporate what your future plans might entail - whether that includes returning to school, pursuing other interests, etc. Such insight can be beneficial to the reviewing Committee in determining the outcome of your request.

PLEASE NOTE: You must have withdrawn from the course(s) you wish to appeal. Please start with your academic advisor if this has not already taken place. Your instructors will need to approve this as well. As soon as we are in receipt of the above, and your transcript displays a "W" next to the classe(s) of concern, we will include your request in the next scheduled Tuition Adjustment Committee meeting. All information is held in the strictest confidence and is beneficial to your case.

You may send in your documents at this email at, or by dropping them off at the Dean of Students Student Affairs Office. The Tuition Adjustment Committee once per month to review cases.  Notification of the outcome is sent by email within 24-48 BUSINESS hours, following the meeting.

Refund of Fees: The matriculation fee, media, art and other class fees are non-refundable.

Graduate Students:
The following tuition refund rates apply when a student drops or withdraws from a nine-week course in accordance with University enrollment policies and the refund has been approved. If the student does not qualify for a waiver and wishes to petition for a percentage refund due to special circumstances (e.g., medical emergency), the student must fill out the appropriate form and return it to the Campus Director with a letter of explanation of special circumstances.

Graduate Students, please visit for the graduate student process.

Students in California will receive a pro rata refund of tuition if the withdrawal is within 60 percent of the beginning of the enrollment period. All other student refunds/tuition waivers are made according to the following schedule:

  Date 16 Week Class 8 or 9 Week Class
Drop: Week 1 100% 100%
Withdraw: Week 2 75% 75%
  Week 3 50% 50%
  Week 4 25% 25%

The deposit and refund policies at our European and Asian campuses may differ from the above. Please refer to the catalog of the international campus you are attending for details.

Note: This refund policy does not include laboratory fees associated with a class.