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Share Your Personal Brand

Your brand describes who you are, what you do, and how you can contribute to an organization. An effective personal brand exhibits a consistent message about your experience, knowledge, skills, and strengths as well as your interests, personality, and values across all forms of professional communication. The resources below guide you in creating compelling professional communication through which you can share your unified brand message. 

Your Personal Brand

Developing Your Personal Brand

Resume/Curriculum Vitae (CV) 

Guidelines for Resume Writing
Preparing a Curriculum Vitae (CV)
Analyzing a Job Description
Writing Bullet Points
Bullet Point Action Verbs
Writing a U.S.-Style Resume - International Student Career Content
Resume Samples

Cover Letter

Guidelines for Cover Letter Writing 
Cover Letter Samples

LinkedIn Profile

Making the Most of LinkedIn 
LinkedIn for Personal Branding


Preparing a Reference List

Networking Pitch

Elevating Your Networking Pitch
Elevating Your Networking Pitch Activity Sheet


Best Practices for Interviewing 
Professional Attire 
My Interview Practice - Online Interview Simulator

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