Admitted Student Day Welcome | Webster University

Admitted Student Day Welcome

Community Music School Concert Hall
April 1, 2011

President Elizabeth (Beth) J. Stroble

Good afternoon future Gorloks and parents of future Gorloks!  This is your day and I am excited to be a part of it.  On behalf of the entire Webster community of faculty, staff, current and former students, I welcome you to the second annual Admitted Students Day.

You have chosen to visit, and possibly attend, the only Tier-1, private, U.S.-based university, with a network of international residential campuses.  Because you are a determined, inquisitive, interesting group of learners who want to thrive in and contribute to our well-connected, multi-national community of faculty, staff and alumni. 

Today, the student members of that community are excited to welcome you to Admitted Students Day and give you a peek into to what life will be like for you at Webster.

This day is an example of the essence of Webster. All of the people here, and those who are working in their offices and classrooms, have one mission - to guide you, support you, and celebrate you.   At Webster, you will always find someone to help you in any number of ways…

- From sorting your laundry to sorting your degree requirements…

- From choosing healthy meal options to choosing a career path…

- From encouraging you to study hard to encouraging you to study abroad…

And so much more.  We are all here to make sure your Webster experience is the best it can be.

This is the beginning of your Webster story.  How will your story unfold?

At Webster, our student/faculty ratio is 15/1.  Our small, highly interactive classes encourage innovation, collaboration, and self-expression. What will you discover about yourself and your personal and professional goals? How will you use the personalized education you will receive to reach those goals and achieve your dreams?

- At Webster, we purposely structure our academic programs for tomorrow’s careers. Will you find a new, exciting career path? And find the right internship to give you first-hand experiences?

- At Webster, our faculty has the right balance of scholars and practicing professionals who bring first-class, real-world knowledge and experiences to the classroom. Will you take advantage of their expertise and experiences to inform your plans for your future?

- At Webster, you will encounter and take classes with students from all fifty states and 126 countries. How will studying with students from many different cultures affect your worldview and enrich your learning experience?

- At Webster, we have an interesting schedule of extracurricular activities outside the classroom.

How will you take advantage of what Webster has to offer?

Will you approach each day at Webster as an opportunity to learn something new in the classroom and out? Will you join one or more of the 64 Student Organizations on campus like  the Danceline, the Gorlok Green Thumbs, the Computer Club, Student Government Association, Speech and Debate, Extreme Frisbee, Habitat for Humanity, and many others?

- At Webster, we have a full schedule of student activities. Will you attend the gallery openings, the sporting events, International Week activities, the Black and White Ball, the concerts, the lectures by major speakers, and the Conservatory performances?

Will you open your mind, your heart and your story to all Webster has to offer?

Yes, Webster has many opportunities for you...

To become an effective leader --

- Through active participation in class projects and membership in student organizations.

- Through the Delegates Agenda, a program where student’s work together to present to university administrators issues that are important to the student body.  Over the years, the Delegates Agenda has been a significant agent for change on campus.

Some of the Delegates' accomplishments include:

o Extended library hours during finals

o Listing double majors on diplomas

o Upgrade of the Quad and

o The Commuter Lounge 

o Sustainability Initiatives to include providing incentives to encourage “green” transportation; new construction committed to meet LEED silver certification

Webster has many opportunities for you...

To become committed to public service --

- Through participation in Webster Works Worldwide community service day when faculty, staff, students and alumni worldwide gather together on the first Wednesday in October to perform services for various organizations in the community.

- Through membership in student community service organizations.

- Through participation in student activities on campus where you organize speaker events, cultural events, homecoming events, and much more for your fellow students.

Webster has many opportunities for you...

To become a responsible global citizen --

- Through the interaction with students from all parts of the world in the classroom and out.

- Through a remarkable, life-changing study abroad program.  Our network of residential campuses offers extraordinary opportunities of international living, learning, and leadership, both inside and outside the classroom.

Isn't that what university life is all about - exploring the opportunities?

I encourage you to explore.  Webster is a safe and fertile environment to discover who you are, who you want to be and where you want to go. You are the author of your Webster story.  Fill it with exciting chapters, colorful characters, delicious dreams, interesting plots, and everything you need to make it a great story!

We are here to guide you, support you and celebrate you along the way.

Preparing yourself - and parents, preparing your child to go to college, is a task filled with emotions.  I hope that after this day, you will feel at home, comfortable, and part of our wonderful Webster community. 

You are in good hands at Webster.  Welcome.

Our Admitted Student Day Leaders have been working very hard planning for this day. Let’s see how they are preparing to welcome you.  It feels a little like final exam day in the training room  with a lot of questions still to be answered.