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Special Study Opportunities

The School of Communications is committed to providing students with an understanding of the responsibilities, social ramifications, and ethical concerns facing media professionals and the media industry. The programs are comprehensive and well-balanced, emphasizing a theoretical basis of knowledge in conjunction with widespread practical applications. Students have the opportunity to learn about their field of interest through a series of internships and externships in media-related settings.

Webster University is an educational member of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) and a member of the Broadcasters Educational Association. Our extensive industry relations allow us to arrange internships at top audio facilities around the country, as available.

Students may also study at Webster University campuses around the world.

Independent study and reading courses add further flexibility to the established curriculum.

Special Requirements

In order to graduate with a BA degree in Audio Production, students must successfully complete the following:

1) a Portfolio Review

2) a Capstone experience: The internship in Audio Production

Portfolio Review

Audio Production majors must submit a portfolio review statement, a portfolio of their work and a copy of their academic transcript to the Audio Production faculty the semester after successfully completing AUDI 3000.Devin editing

Portfolio Review is designed to help students develop a body of work and learn how to present themselves in a job interview. More importantly, the process enables the faculty to assess whether the academic goals of the program are being met. Finally, Portfolio Review gives faculty members the opportunity to talk with students about their progress and make suggestions regarding future classes and career goals.

The student's Audio Production portfolio is judged on both the quality and presentation of the material. Faculty members consider accuracy, creativity, content, technical expertise in the work presented, enthusiasm and professionalism of delivery when judging the presentation.

Portfolio Review deadlines are announced each academic year. Reviews are held each semester. Students have one opportunity to resubmit their portfolios the following semester if they should fail the initial presentation. Passing Portfolio Review is mandatory for obtaining an internship (the Media Practicum).

Capstone Course

The Media Practicum (MEDC 4950) is the Audio Production Program's capstone experience. It should be taken during the student's final semester.

Helen Cleary Hufker Memorial Scholarship

The Helen Cleary Hufker Memorial Scholarship is an annual scholarship dedicated to the support of women studying audio production.