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About Dance

keronSince the early days of Webster University, when it was Loretto College, dance classes have been an important part of the landscape on campus. Ann Vashon, as the Head of the Dance Program in the Theatre and Dance Department from 1975–78, created the first degree in dance at Webster University: BA in dance.

Gary Hubler, who began teaching at Webster in 1973, became the head of the Dance Program in 1978 and was instrumental in the creation of the BFA degree in Dance in 1993. Gary devoted his time to Webster University's Theatre and Dance Department, administrating, choreographing and performing, even creating a non-profit company of students and professionals called Webster Dance Theatre.

Upon his retirement in 2006, Beckah (Voigt) Reed, who had taught at Webster since 1989, became the Head of the Dance Program. At a time when most universities were being forced to combine departments, Beckah oversaw the creation of the Department of Dance as the jointly run Theatre and Dance Department split.

The primary reasons for this change were the size and quality of both programs; it was necessary for each of them to have their own unique voices. At that time, Beckah became the Chair of the Department of Dance.

In the Fall of 2011, Beckah was pivotal in establishing a new curriculum for the BFA and BA in Dance and instituting a new Dance Minor focused on theory, to create opportunity for those that are differently abled.

Since 2018, Maggi Dueker has served as Department Chair with Beckah Reed in the role of Artistic Director. Under their co-leadership, Webster Dance continues to evolve and grow, with a clear vision of the needs of the students and how they are the ones to create and maintain a vibrant global future for dance.

In 2020, the Department of Dance continues with its emphasis on excellence in artistic, technical and international vision with outstanding leadership and focus.