Accessibility Membership | Webster University

Accessibility Committee

2020-2021 Membership

Member Role Term Ends
Stephanie Mahfood Faculty May 2023
Melissa Spriggs Faculty May 2022
Muthoni Musangali Faculty May 2020
Erica Ellard President's appointee May 2022
TBD Staff WSA appointee  May 2022
Karen Wakeland Staff WSA appointee (co-chair) May 2021
Michael Thomas Reeg ARC - Student Rep May 2020
TBD SGA - Student Rep May 2020
TBD SGA May 2020
Vincent Flewellyn AVP - Diversity & Inclusion  
Ann Brophy Director of Health Services, ex officio  
Rick Gerger Director, Public Safety Office (co-chair)  
Ken Creehan Chief Financial Officer or designee  
TDB Vice President for Student Affairs designee, ex officio  
Syed Ali Vice President of Information Technology designee  
Rick Kaeser Dean of Library designee  
TDB Chief Human Resources Officer designee  
Gil Morales Facilities Manager  
Cindy Yamnitz Assistive Technology Program Coordinator  
TBD Associate Vice President, Online Center Designee  
TBD Associate Vice President, Military Campuses Designee  
TBD Associate Vice President, Extended U.S. Campus Designee  
Fernanda Stortecky Associate Vice President, International Campus Designee  
Kelly Heath Director, Office of Study Abroad  
Karen Burch GMC