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About the School of Education

A world of learners.The School of Education at Webster University provides its students with the knowledge, experiences, and practical tools that help them guide both themselves and others toward life-long learning.

The School of Education is a community of educator-scholars who apply critical reflections and creative energies to enhance learning in schools and other educational settings. The faculty strives to support this community by modeling effective teaching practices based on sound theory and research.

Personalized approaches create a challenging, yet supportive environment that permits the risk-taking necessary for learning and growth.

The School of Education encourages its faculty and students to work actively toward this end, keeping in mind that action must be rooted in visionary, yet realistic, thinking. This thought and action process underscores the development of an inner-directed self-understanding, an outer-directed global perspective, and an appreciation of human diversity that arises from both.

Vision -   We empower students to become effective, innovative, and empathetic educators and practitioners.

Mission -  The School of Education is a supportive and inclusive community of educator-scholars who are committed to providing our students with transformative experiences that impact life-long learning.