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Diane Pascoe

Diane PascoeAssociate Professor
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Diana Pascoe has taught in the TESL program at Webster University since fall 2017. She has a Ph.D. in American Studies from Saint Louis University and Master of Arts in English with an emphasis in Teaching of English as a Second Language from Southeast Missouri State University. She was the coordinator of the Foreign Language Program and taught English and English as a Foreign Language at the National University of Honduras in Tegucigalpa, Honduras for five years. She was the Director of the ESL Program at Saint Louis University for ten years where she implemented a content-based curriculum. She has given workshops and graduate courses for various universities in Honduras as an English Language Specialist and traveled to Greece to give workshops on “Teaching a Second Language through Content” for the American Community Schools. She was the conference chair for MIDTESOL in October 2011. Her presentations at regional, national, and international conferences have focused on language and culture.