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Department of Teacher Education

Dr. Donna CampbellDonna Campbell, Ph.D. (full bio)
Professor Emeritus
(314) 246-7642
Webster Hall 218

Ted GreenTed Green, Ph.D. (full bio)
(314) 246-7971
Webster Hall 200K

Dr. Stephanie MahfoodStephanie Mahfood, Ph.D. (full bio)
Associate Professor
(314) 246-8610
Webster Hall 200I

Dr. Victoria McMullenVictoria McMullen, Ph.D. (full bio)
(314) 968-7093
Webster Hall 226A

Dr. Rena RockwellRena Rockwell, Ed.D. (full bio)
(314) 968-7582
Webster Hall 227C

Basiyr RodneyBasiyr Rodney, Ed.D. (full bio)
Associate Professor; Chairperson
(314) 246-8718
Webster Hall 200E

Joe Sencibaugh, Ph.D. (full bio)
Associate Professor
(314) 246-7072
Webster Hall 227B

Roy TamashiroRoy Tamashiro, Ed.D. (full bio)
Professor Emeritus
(314) 968-7098
Webster Hall 218

Paula WitkowskiPaula Witkowski, Ph.D. (full bio)
Associate Professor; Director, MA
(314) 968-7070
Webster Hall 200G

Zhichun ZhouZhichun Zhou, Ph.D. (full bio)
Assistant Professor
(314) 246-7638
Webster Hall 200A


Graduate Department of Education

Ginny Altrogge, Ed.D. (full bio)
Associate Professor; Director, Ed.S. Educational Leadership
(314) 246-8725
Webster Hall 226B

white space instead of photoCheryl Breig-Allen, Ed.D. (full bio)
Associate Professor Emeritus
(314) 246-7652
Webster Hall 236

Dr. Thomas CornellThomas Cornell, Ed.D. (full bio)
Interim Dean; Associate Professor;
Director, MA Multimodal Literacy for Global Impact
(314) 968-7087
Webster Hall 218

Dr. DJ KaiserDJ Kaiser, Ph.D. (full bio)
Associate Dean; Associate Professor
Director, Teaching English as a Second Language
(314) 246-7153
Webster Hall 224

Dr. Yin Lam Lee-JohnsonYin Lam Lee-Johnson, Ph.D. (full bio)
Associate Professor; Director, EdD Doctor of Education
(314) 246-7643
Webster Hall 249

Dr. Soheil MansouriSoheil Mansouri, Ph.D. (full bio)
Visiting Assistant Professor
(314) 246-7029
Webster Hall 240

Ralph Olliges, Ph.D. (full bio)
Professor; Coordinator, MET and Ed.S. Educational Technology; Chairperson
(314) 246-7502
Webster Hall 246

Andrea Rothbart, Ph.D. (full bio)
Professor; Director, MA in Mathematics for Educators
(314) 968-6976
Webster Hall 248

Dr. Brynne SchroederBrynne Schroeder, Ph.D. (full bio)
Coordinator of Community Engagement/Instructor
(314) 968-7459
Webster Hall 228

Dr. Deborah StilesDeborah Stiles, Ph.D. (full bio)
(314) 968-7056
Webster Hall 245