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Digital Pedagogy

Surface Pro 6

Designing lessons, activities and tasks are important teaching skills. In the Digital Pedagogy program, you learn to create student-friendly and interactive activities using screen-clippings, sound recordings and annotated videos. Design lessons for different ages and abilities using on-screen drawings and sketches. Utilize brain-based techniques to stimulate critical thinking and support deep learning.

Capturing class notes, learning activities and observations is critical to a teacher's work. In our Digital Pedagogy program, you will learn to seamlessly digitize your notetaking, Practice assessing student work with online rubrics. Give feedback with natural handwriting with your digital pen.

Presentations and teacher presence are hallmarks of the good teacher. Present lessons and deliver topics using annotated videos on your handheld screen. Record and study your teaching using video tags and screen captures. Cut the cord, present to your class wirelessly.

Practice creating a paperless classroom that accommodates the needs of all learners. Learn how to use learning management systems with screen readers and audio narrations.

Learn all these skills and more in Digital Pedagogy. In your Teacher certification program, you receive a Microsoft Surface Pro computer to support your adoption of strategies that enhance comprehension, notetaking, critical thinking and subject matter understanding. This will help you as a learner. But also, you will become a more creative and innovative teacher as you practice these skills in your program and take them into your future classroom.

The Digital Pedagogy program combines effective teaching practices with software platforms and an interactive touch-screen computer in order to develop your teaching ability. Be prepared to stretch your thinking and your abilities to learn and enhance methods and classroom practices.