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Education: Student Frequently Asked Questions



How can I get a transcript?
Requests for transcripts are handled through the Registrar's Office.

How can I get a copy of my grades?
Requests for grades are handled through the Registrar's Office. You can also view your grades in Connections.

When can I obtain my grades?  Where to I find them?
Grades can be obtained online in Connections one week after the end of class.

How can I drop a class?
Students have until the end of the first week of class to drop a class. You can drop a class online in Connections or fill out a drop slip and turn it in to the School of Education main office or email with a request to drop the class. Make sure to include the course number, term, and your student ID number in the email. The drop period ends after Week 1 for an 8-week or 16-week course. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for drop deadline dates. For further assistance or for questions about a class that is shorter than an 8-week term, contact your department representative.

How do I withdraw from a class?
Fill out a withdrawal petition and turn it in to the School of Education main office, or email with a request to withdraw from the class. Make sure to include the course number, term, and your student ID number in the email. For further assistance contact your department representative. The deadline to withdraw from an 8-week course is by Week 6 of that course; the deadline to withdraw from a 16-week course is by Week 12 of that course. Partial refunds are based on the week in which the withdrawal was processed. For information about deadlines and refunds, refer to the Bursar's Office website.

How can I contact my instructor?
You can find instructor contact information by searching the Webster directory.

Where and when do practicum courses meet?
Practicum courses meet at select locations and at their individually assigned times. For information about your practicum course, if you are a student in a BA or MAT initial teacher certification program contact Tracey Brenner. Students in the MA in Applied Educational Psychology, Reading, or Teaching English as a Second Language program should contact their academic advisor. Current students can look up their advisor through Connections.

Where can I find course schedules?
Course schedules are available online. The School of Education provides an online course schedule page for each semester or term. Students are also able to search for all Webster courses online.

GRADUATE: When do I need to Advance to Candidacy?
Contact your advisor or department representative for program specific requirements for Advancement to Candidacy.

UNDERGRADUATE: I'm interested in changing my major to a BA in Education or a BA in Educational Studies, what do I do?
To change your major or add a double-major contact Sheila Anglin Jordan for advising.

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Who is my advisor?
New students will receive an email from their department representative with notification of advisor assignment. Current students can look up their advisor through Connections.

How do I make an appointment with an advisor?
Contact your department representative.

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Does the School of Education offer courses that lead toward initial state certification in states other than Missouri?
The School of Education offers courses toward certification in the state of Missouri only. For inquiries regarding certification in other states, contact

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When can I start registering for classes?
Registration dates can be found in the university's academic calendar.

How do I register for classes?
If you are a new student to the university, contact your advisor to register for your first courses. Current students may register via Connections. If you are having difficulty registering for classes, contact your advisor or department representative.

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Online Classes

How do I log in to my online class?
Students can login either through Connections, or from the Online Learning Center homepage. After logging into Connections, click on the Student tab and then on the WorldClassRoom button to access your courses. Students can log into online courses the Friday before the term/semester begins. If you are having difficulty, contact the Online Learning Center at

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When can students graduate?
Upon successfully completing their programs, students can graduate in August, October, December, March, or May. The commencement ceremony is held in May to honor all students who graduated during the same academic year. Students graduating in August, October, or December are invited to attend the December Toast, Webster’s celebration of mid-year graduates. The first step toward graduation is to complete a Petition to Graduate form when registering for the final term or semester of classes. This will notify Webster of the student's intent to graduate.  Undergraduate Petition      Graduate Petition

I will be graduating and want to walk across stage in the May ceremony. What do I do?
You must RSVP on the Commencement site. The site includes information on the Steps to Graduation including where to buy your cap and gown, hotel information, and driving directions to the commencement ceremony location at the Muny. For extended campus students who plan to attend their local campus Commencement exercises, check the schedule of graduation ceremonies

I will be graduating in August, can I walk in the May commencement ceremony prior to the completion of my degree or will I need to wait until the following May?
Students who are graduating in August can submit a request, including contact information and student ID number, for permission to walk in the May ceremony to their advisor. Students must be registered for their final summer courses in order for their request to be considered. A response will be sent to the student on the final decision.  

Who can I contact regarding my Petition to Graduate?
Contact your department representative.

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