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At-Risk Students

Helping students persist is an important part of what we all do at Webster University. Retention is important to the institution and to students who have invested in their education. If you perceive that students may be at risk of not continuing their education at Webster University, for whatever reason (e.g., financial, personal issues, academics), please help connect the students to employees and resources that may assist the students. Early awareness of potential roadblocks can sometimes enable us to find an appropriate intervention that will enable students to continue their education.

Alert System

 All at risk referrals should be submitted in the Student Success Portal powered by Starfish. You can access the Student Success Portal in both Connections and WorldClassRoom. To raise a flag (at risk referral), search for the student of concern, and then click on the flag button to submit. It will be received by the appropriate individuals. You can learn more about the Student Success Portal, including a 2 minute video on raising flags, by visiting   

Starfish Logo

The Student Success Portal, powered by Starfish, is the system Webster University uses to raise, track, and resolve alerts for all students. Access is available through Connections and WorldClassRoom.

This system is so much more than just an early alert system, too. It brings the energy of shared technology to students, faculty and staff to enhance communication across Webster's global network. It allows for a collaborative experience to ensure student success is a priority both in and out of the classroom. Students can review their schedules, make appointments, and connect with their success teams. Faculty members can use early alerts and progress reports to make sure students stay on track while advisors and staff members holistically support the educational journeys of students.