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Course Evaluations

Course evaluations provide faculty with useful feedback their course. Webster University has established a systematic procedure for administering course evaluations in classrooms, worldwide.

Course evaluation instruments are survey instruments that solicit from students or participants their level of satisfaction with the course as well as the benefits they derive from their participation. Benefits most commonly represent the learning outcomes.

Your director, department chair, or department staff member will provide you with the course evaluation instrument to be used in your classroom. If you have any questions, please contact your director or department chair.

Steps for administering the course evaluation instrument

  1. The staff who work with your director or chair will provide you with your course evaluation instruments in an envelope that is to be returned to the main office of your campus location.
  2. The adjunct faculty member will ask for a student-volunteer to administer these evaluations during the last class period of the 8th week of the term, or the week before final exam week.
  3. The faculty member should leave the classroom 15 minutes before the end of class, so that students are free to complete these instruments independent of any faculty presence.
  4. The student-volunteer should collect all completed course evaluation forms, put them in the envelope provided, and return them to the main office.
  5. If the main office is not open at the conclusion of class, the student should check to see if they can be left in a mail-slot or slipped under the main office door. If the main office is open, then they may be left with a university representative.

Precautionary Note: Out of respect for the laws and regulations governing our commitment to protect student confidentiality, please ensure that course evaluation forms are returned to the university office by someone other than yourself, preferably a student.

Anticipating Challenges With Succeeding in Course Evaluation Administration: If you find that you are teaching a course that runs during an unusual period of time or if you believe it would be awkward or quite unworkable for a student to promptly return the course evaluation data to the main office of the university location, talk to your chair or director for assistance in resolving the issue.