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Faculty Development Support

The Faculty Development Center (FDC) at Webster University exists to support and promote the achievement of excellence in teaching, learning, and scholarship of Webster's worldwide community of faculty.

The FDC strives to support the foundations of excellence in teaching and learning by inspiring and empowering all faculty to identify opportunities to improve student learning, investigate and employ appropriate strategies and techniques, evaluate outcomes, share experiences in an effort to create environments in which all students learn.

The FDC strives to achieve this by:

  • building resources for instructional improvement,
  • contributing to organizational effectiveness for teaching and learning,
  • identifying, promoting, and measuring best practices,
  • providing equitable resources to all Webster locations, and
  • celebrating faculty successes.

The FDC offers a workshop series to provide faculty opportunities to learn new skills that can be applied to teaching and a round table series that allow faculty opportunities to meet and share teaching experiences. The FDC also provides instructional development, design, assessment, and technology consultation to maximize teaching effectiveness and student learning. In addition, FDC provides support for the use of WorldClassRoom, Webster's state of the art learning management system, for the Web Enhancement of face to face courses.

The FDC suite, located in Emerson Library Rm. 420 at the Webster Groves campus is available to all faculty and provides them with a private space for working or meeting with other faculty. The bright, spacious suite has tables for work, general and special purpose technology stations, and couches and chairs arranged to suit individual and team work. The suite is also home to large balcony overlooking the University quadrangle.

To learn more about the FDC and how they can assist you, please visit the FDC web site at (Link opens in a new window)