Plagiarism Prevention Program | Webster University

Plagiarism Prevention Program

The Plagiarism Prevention Program (PPP) will strategically address plagiarism through 1) multiple prevention efforts and 2) new procedures to support our academic honesty policies.

Webster University's Academic Honesty Policies are available on the Important Policies section of the Faculty Resource Guide by clicking here.

Through the alignment of preventative and procedural resources, incidences of plagiarism can be handled in a manner that provides substantial opportunity for the development of students' understanding of academic integrity and of the craft of academic writing. The PPP will provide a consistent, transparent focus on preventing plagiarism and on formative rather than punitive actions if preventative measures fail.

The following components will help standardize institutional efforts to prevent and address plagiarism.


  • Encourage all faculty members to discuss plagiarism in first course meetings
  • Include a plagiarism statement to all course syllabi
  • Request that programs include a plagiarism tutorial and corresponding assessment in select, broad-reaching courses (1000, 3000, and 5000 level courses)
  • Deliver a faculty development program for all faculty members worldwide that addresses an array of prevention methods, including designing plagiarism-resistant assignments, using Turnitin, and incorporating good writing and research practices
  • Increase student training and support for plagiarism prevention, including how to interpret a Turnitin report and how to properly cite source material
  • Join the Center for Academic Integrity and actively participate in faculty and staff development opportunities related to academic integrity concepts


  • Use common definitions for minimal, substantial, complete, and extreme plagiarism to better address the range of factors that affect student academic dishonesty
  • Create processes for student development via tutorials and consultations before escalating to academic deans
  • Include a system of record-keeping to address repeat offenses and strengthen documentation for any probationary or dismissal decisions