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Electronic Reserves

Electronic Reserves (or eReserves) is a tool with which Webster faculty can post a variety of course content to a password protected, customizable, web page that the students enrolled in the course may access 24/7. Content may be posted quickly and easily in multiple formats, including Word, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, mp3 files as well as web links.
Important Things to Know About E-Reserves

  • The application for your E-Reserves account is a one-time procedure.
  • Once an account is established instructors can create multiple course pages.
  • Methods available to add content include:
    • Faxing hard copy to the E-Reserves server
    • Adding web link
    • Uploading electronic files from your computer.
  • Course pages remain posted for a limited time but can be easily re-posted in future semesters. (They will not be deleted unless by the faculty members' instructions.)
  • All instructors must adhere to U.S. copyright law as outlined in Webster's Copyright and Fair Use Policies (Link opens in a new window). This includes the use of a mandatory student password for each course page and limitations regarding the amount of content usable from each posted publication.
  • Instructors must provide students with the student password, preferably on a printed syllabus. Access to E-Reserves is barred without this password.

How to Use E-Reserves
The links below will open a new window and display walk-throughs for the various uses of E-Reserves.

  1. Applying for an E-Reserves Account (Link opens in a new window)
  2. Instructions for Using E-Reserves at Webster University (Link opens in a new window)

Getting Help
Once your account is created please contact Webster's Electronic Reserves Coordinator, Greg Kettinger, at either 314-968-7813, 800-985-4279 or kettigre@webster.edu