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Searching for Articles in a Database

Let's say, for example, that you want to find articles dealing with education.

  1. From the Library website (Link opens in a new window) click the Articles/Databases link.
  2. From the Articles/Databases page you would click the Education link located under Social Sciences to the right.
  3. A good place to start looking for educational articles would be the ERIC (Educational Resource Information Center) database because it is listed first under Core article databases. Click the ERIC link at the top of the list.
  4. Once you have entered your ID you will be taken to the ERIC database and you can begin searching.
  5. You can search by inserting keywords or phrases into the search boxes.
  6. Use the results to improve your search. Once you have entered a key word and clicked "Search," a list of possible articles will appear. Click on any one of the title links and you will see subject headings (or descriptors) assigned by the database.

    You can use these terms in additional searches to find more relevant articles.

More on Searching
The following tutorials are linked from the "Research Guides" section of the Library website.

You, and your students, may also contact the Reference Desk for additional help in selecting a database or constructing a search.  Call 1-800-985-4279 or 314-968-6950; or use our email form.