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Faculty Email

The University must be able to communicate quickly and efficiently with employees and enrolled students in order to conduct official University business. Email is one available and appropriate medium for such communication, as are the various announcement channels (Campus Announcements and Personal Announcements) in the Connections portal.

The University will send official communications to employees and students by email to an account assigned by the University with the expectation that such emails will be read by the recipient in a timely fashion.

In addition, the University may post official announcements (see above) and communications in the Connections portal, again with the full expectation that such announcements will be read by the recipient in a timely fashion.

Faculty should use the official Webster email account for any email communication with students.

Faculty and other instructional staff should also clearly explain this expectation to their students, and help communicate this policy to them.

Faculty and staff are also encouraged to use additional communication methods that are available via the University course management tools, Blackboard and/or Connections Course Tools.

Account Setup

Faculty, staff and students must activate their Connections account in order to access their Webster University email. Instructions for Connections account activation can be found at https://www.legacy.webster.edu/technology/services/connections/id-activation.html (Link opens in a new window)

Email Access

Users may access their Webster email in a variety of ways.

  • Desktop email clients such as Outlook or Mac Mail
  • Webmail (http://webmail.webster.edu (Link opens in a new window))
  • Connections
  • Mobile devices such as iPhones and Blackberries

Information on setting up access to Webster email can be found at https://www.legacy.webster.edu/technology/services/email/index.html (Link opens in a new window)

Email Forwarding

Students and Adjunct Faculty may forward their Webster email account to ANY valid email address.

Staff and Full Time Faculty may NOT forward their email to a non-Webster account. Staff and Full Time Faculty may forward their Webster email account to an account they have on another Webster email server (example: someone in Leiden may forward their @webster.edu email account to their @webster.nl account).

Spam Filtering

Webster University uses a Barracuda appliance to filter spam before it reaches your inbox. You may customize your filtering settings and access your quarantined messages by using your Connections username and password to logon to https://mx1.webster.edu (Link opens in a new window)

Email Scams

There are times, despite the spam filter, when emails sent with the intent to gain access to your account or your personal information will make it through to your inbox.

NEVER respond to any email asking for personal information or send your password via email. Webster University will never ask for your password via email. For more information on email scams, please visit https://www.legacy.webster.edu/technology/services/email/spam-phish-scam.html (Link opens in a new window).