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Fair Use

Webster University complies with all applicable laws and regulations regarding intellectual property. Webster is committed to the full exercise of the rights accorded to users of copyrighted works under the fair use provision of federal copyright law.

It therefore is the policy of Webster University to facilitate the knowledgeable and good faith exercise of full fair use rights by faculty, staff, librarians, and students, in support of the educational purposes of the University including teaching, research, service activities, and related activities. To that end, Webster University will:

  1. Endeavor to inform and educate its faculty, staff, librarians, and students about copyright and the application of fair use provisions;
  2. Develop and make available through the Office of Academic Affairs, the Faculty Development Center, and other appropriate units, information and effective resources concerning fair use and intellectual property laws generally and the application of fair use in specific situations; and
  3. Avoid, whenever possible, adopting policies, supporting practices or entering into contractual agreements that would restrict fair use rights or hinder the fair use of copyrighted works for educational purposes.

The following resources are available to guide you in the use of copyrighted materials for instructional purposes:

The University has developed an extensive set of guidelines and resources for understanding and exercising fair use rights, including specific fair use scenarios:
Copyright and Fair Use Policies web site (Link opens in a new window)

All Academic Affairs units that support faculty and student (including the Library, Online Learning Center, Faculty Development Center, and Reeg Academic Resource Center) follow these policies and guidelines and reference them when advising or consulting faculty.