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Disabilities Overview

Federal Laws (Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990) and court decisions based on these form a body of civil rights law designed to promote equal educational opportunity for all students with disabilities, including those at postsecondary educational institutions. While Webster University's Nondiscrimination Policy clearly states its intent to do so, the Webster faculty who implement these Federal Laws and Webster's Policy in the classrooms are often uncertain about both higher educational institutions' obligations to students with disabilities and Webster policies and procedures governing fulfillment of these responsibilities in Webster classrooms. As a result, faculty are often unaware of or unclear about their role in providing services to Webster students with disabilities. The goal for this section, therefore, is to help Webster faculty better understand that role by familiarizing them with definitions of key legal terms that determine the population to be served, identify the services to be provided, and assign specific responsibilities to faculty and students; by describing Webster's Accessibility and Accommodation Process; by giving an overview of a widely accepted means of creating nondiscriminatory university classrooms; and by providing links to other resources that may be useful to faculty as they provide services to students with disabilities.