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Legally Designated Rights and Responsibilities

Federal laws, together with the body of law that has grown up around them, assign some responsibilities for providing equal educational opportunity to postsecondary students with disabilities and others to postsecondary educational institutions and their designees (e.g., staff and faculty who are key to implementation of these laws in the classroom).

Disability law makes postsecondary students with disabilities responsible for:

  • Meeting institutional requirements for documentation of their needs
  • Informing the institution and classroom instructors of their academic and physical needs
  • Meeting behavioral standards set for all students
  • Providing personal attendants if they need devices or services of a personal nature.

Disability law makes postsecondary institutions responsible for:

  • Ensuring that all ancillary programs, policies, and activities (e.g., admission, athletic, housing, scholarship) do not discriminate on the basis of disability. Section 504 specifically stipulates that the institution must provide reasonable accommodations (e.g. accessible classrooms), auxiliary aids (e.g., textbooks in an alternate format), and course adjustments (e.g., extended time on tests) if they have previously been effective in accommodating the needs of the specific student or have been effective for students with a similar disability, and must do so without taking "cost" into account.
  • The law does not require the institution to provide all auxiliary aids and accommodations requested by a student, however, and distinguishes between legally mandated services (e.g., reasonable accommodations and auxiliary aids) that provide equal access and opportunity and non-mandated services that enhance student performance (e.g., tutoring).

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