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Webster University Connections is a web portal in which faculty, staff, and students can access important information such as e-mail, online courses, online registration, grade entry, and billing information. Your Connections ID will allow you access to these online services.

In this section you will learn what the Webster University Connections portal is and the benefits of having a Connections ID. You will also learn how to access and use the various portal tools.

What is Connections?

Connections is a "web portal;" a single point of access to all the electronic services that Webster University offers. It integrates e-mail, online courses, online registration, grade entry, and billing information into a single web-based interface that can be accessed from any internet-capable computer, using a single username and password (your Connections ID). It also provides personal productivity tools like a calendar, address book, customized content channels and news feeds. There are community collaboration tools including campus announcements and group tools that offer forums for file exchange, discussion, and chat.

What are the benefits of having a Connections ID?

  • Each user only has to remember one username and password
  • If a user forgets his Connections password, it can be reset quickly without having to call the Help Desk.
  • Having a single password increases security. If a password is ever misplaced or stolen, it can be reset quickly by the user in a central location, without intervention by IT.
  • IT can provision services more quickly, because credentials are centrally managed.

What can you use your Connections ID for?

  • Webster's Connections portal
  • Webster email
  • WorldClassRoom courses (online and web-enhanced)
  • Faculty Academic Services (online advising and grade entry)
  • Making Changes to Your Connections ID Password

At some point you may need to change your password if you have either forgotten what it is or simply want to change it for security reasons. You can go to the Webster Connections ID Tutorials page for more information on how to do this.

Accessing Connections

You can access the Connections login page by going to https://connections.webster.edu.