Microsoft & Adobe Licensing | Webster University

Microsoft & Adobe Licensing

To access the faculty discounts, please follow this link: When you access the site, you will need to make a few selections to access the catalog:

  1. Select College for the Institution Type.
  2. Select Missouri.
  3. Click the Webster University link.

After making your software choices through the catalog and completing the check-out process, you will receive an email asking you to verify that you are a staff member and eligible for the discounted price by providing a paycheck stub, university photo ID, or statement on university letterhead. We are working to change these verification requirements. If you'd like to make a purchase in the meantime, a paystub was sufficient for another staff member to complete an order. (Consider blacking out personal information other than your name and address.) If you choose to download the purchased software, you will receive a separate email with the download links.