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Resources for Advising

Academic Integrity

 This page provides links to useful information and resources related to academic integrity and plagiarism for faculty.

Student Success Portal (powered by Starfish)

Accessible through Connections and WorldClassRoom, the Student Success Portal allows students to review their schedules, make appointments, and connect with their success teams. Faculty members can use early alerts and progress reports to make sure students stay on track while advisors and staff members holistically support the educational journeys of students. Additional tools that are especially useful for student advising include:

  • The "Message" tool easily allows you to communicate with your students and their Success Networks as well as to efficiently contact a group of students (for instance, to message all of your advisees to set up advising appointments).
  • Student "Notes" allow you to document interactions with your students and advisees to help aid further support efforts (future advising appointments, determining appropriate resources, and tracking progress).
  • A searchable "Services" feature provides a centralized location to find appropriate resources for your students and includes information and contact details for offices and units across our worldwide network.
  • The "Inventory" tool allows you to search for additional resources and programs that can assist your students. It also allows Webster to track which of our interventions and efforts are making an impact, giving us a better idea about how to focus our efforts to support our students' success.

Undergraduate Advising Resources

This page includes advising resources for faculty who teach and advise undergraduate students, including how-to guides, policies on advising, and helpful information about the GCP.

Graduate Advising Resources

This page includes links to the forms you'll need as an instructor or advisor of graduate students.